The Tremere Embrace

The Tremere Embrace, 2020

Ink on notebook paper, 4x5 inch


"The Tremere Embrace" is drawn with Aaron Hammonds' characteristic looping portraiture. The sire, Gabrielle Antonescu, is portrayed with exaggerated curls and a broad smile in an effort to over-humanize the subject. The artist depicts the childe, Ivy LaRoux, with a frazzled and uncomfortable weight in her eyes and mouth to emphasize her awkward naivete.


Dialogue is rendered with cramped, enthusiastic handwriting that differs from the artist's usual neat and ordered lettering. This suggests the piece was drawn hastily in a flurry of unplanned creative work, likely to capture the joy of a particular moment.

• Features a 4-panel comic by Aaron of Ivy's embrace on the front and the QCG logo on the back.
• 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, except for Heather colors which contain polyester)
• Unisex Sizing XS-5XL
• Color: Black, Black Heather, Dark Grey Heather, Asphalt

The Tremere Embrace