Aaron is a seasoned #foreverGM with more than fifteen years of tabletop gaming under his belt. When he's not running Vampire: the Masquerade, you can find him eating burritos, playing grand strategy games, or reading campaign modules he will never find time to run.

Vee is QCG's Viking Queen and tabletop fledgling. A 3d artist by day, her nights are spent roleplaying puzzle-hungry witches, illustrating serious (and hilarious) in-game moments, and trying to 100% any number of video games.


Josh is a ten-year veteran of the TTRPG scene. His favorites are Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Fantasy Age, and Pathfinder. If he's not behind the scenes editing, you can find him playing RPGs, shooters, and fighting games (even though he's not very good at them).

Scarlet was allowed into the TTRPG space back in 2007 and hasn't left since! She loves D&D and VTM the best, and is always fighting the compulsion to draw every character she has ever played or might play. When not on stream, you can find her mothering the team to hydrate or creeping in the shadows.


 I wouldn't worry about it.