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Aaron is a seasoned #foreverGM with more than fifteen years of tabletop gaming under his belt. When he's not running Vampire: the Masquerade, you can find him eating burritos, playing grand strategy games, or reading campaign modules he will never find time to run.

Vee is QCG's Viking Queen and tabletop fledgling. A 3d artist by day, her nights are spent roleplaying puzzle-hungry witches, illustrating serious (and hilarious) in-game moments, and trying to 100% any number of video games.


Laura is a mild-mannered security analyst by day and a chaotic melee main by night. They bring a BFA in Theatre and a love of

character development to the Court. When she isn't giving Aaron a headache, she can be found writing, mainlining chicken saag, or enjoying a nice glass of malbec.

Aubrey was introduced to TTRPGs when she was a teen, following a life-long love of storytelling and theater. If she isn't playing or running a game she can usually be found writing, playing video games, or hanging out with her cats. She brings her love of good a story, along with her editing skills, to QCG. 


 I wouldn't worry about it.

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