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Queen's Court Games is a majority-queer, majority-femme actual play production company specializing in character-driven narrative and immersive storytelling. Whether via podcast, Twitch, or YouTube, we're committed to delivering highly-polished role playing performances. Any game. Any genre. So long as it's not Dungeons and Dragons.

Despite being relative newcomers to the actual play scene, we've already left a mark with publishers large and small. Queen's Court Games has successfully produced partnered content with Chaosium (Harlem Unbound), Helmgast AB (Kult: Divinity Lost, Troubleshooters), Arc Dream Publishing (Delta Green), Hunters Entertainment (Kids on Brooms), and Hebanon Games (Red Markets, Fae's Anatomy).

But we're more than viewer numbers and social media reach. Queen's Court Games is also an award-winning force on the new media festival circuit, and regular contender for the Audio Fiction World Cup. Our flagship podcast The All Night Society has accrued multiple awards across multiple festivals, including wins for Best Player Character Performance, Best Editing, Best Ensemble Cast, and Best Actual Play. In the streaming world, our productions have achieved similar accolades, with nominations for Best Player Character Performance, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Gamemaster, and wins for Outstanding Actual Play Livestream.

Looking to demonstrate your game for Kickstarter? Build hype for a new supplement? Bring high-quality play to your next convention? No matter your goals, no matter your timeline, Queen's Court Games can deliver award-winning polish for your project.

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