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Award-Nominated Series

Beam Saber

MEKONG: Symphony for the Devil

In the secure heartland of the Viangchan Sector, four unsuspecting pilots find themselves thrust into a battle for survival when their passenger starliner falls prey to a malevolent force from the dark beyond the stars. As they launch their custom war machines into the skies above Chao Phraya, the pilots must confront not only monsters, but the horror of a prophecy revealed. If the Con Ma have returned, the entire Mekong Empire is at risk.

Award-Nominated Series

Call of Cthulhu: Harlem Unbound

Harlem Hellfighters Never Die

An all-Black cast of Harlemite investigators are on the case when a series of unexplained attacks rock their close knit community. Something is targeting the Harlem Hellfighters, veterans of the famous all-Black infantry regiment. When the war comes home, will these investigators be able to pull the community together in time to save their local heroes?

Sponsored by Chaosium and Darker Hue Studios

Award-Winning Series

Kids on Brooms

The Mysteries of Ravenswood

It all starts with a missing friend and a set of strange journal filled with cryptic notes. They all say that your friend just ran away, you all know this isn't true. Four students at Ravenswood Academy must work together to solve the mystery of what happened to Juniper Novak. In doing so they will come into contact with factions that threaten to tear the fragile peace of the school apart.

Award-Nominated Series

Kult: Divinity Lost


When graduate student and aspiring author Noah Vaughn goes missing, four unlikely allies join together in a search that forces them to ask where innocence really ends. The journey will take them to the boundaries of the true world where temptations of love, lust, greed, and entitlement linger. But Noah isn't the only thing waiting at the center of this moral labyrinth, and the decisions these characters are forced to make as the illusion of reality parts around them may prove to be their Downfall.

Award-Winning Series

Kult: Divinity Lost

His Last Hope

They were the Angels, brought and held together as children by their status as outcasts and freaks and reunited in adulthood when they receive a strange letter from long-forgotten companion Thomas Kristofferson. But long summer days full of role playing games and youthful adventure aren't the only memories stirred up when this old friend returns to their lives. Thomas is in lethal trouble, and his one-time friends are his last hope.

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